This is our bestseller signature cocktail made with matcha and jin.
This is the California salad made with Kamchatka king crab meat, topped with salmon roe.
Japanese cuisine can’t be imagined without grilled eel. Unagi is popular in many Japanese and Asian restaurants because of it’s specific semi-sweet flavour. We have several foods featuring unagi. This is the Dragon roll.
Historically, Japanese style of dining can be described as humble. The usual meal consisted of white rice and three complimentary dishes, usually variations of pickled vegetables. However, in modern Japan the Japanese like to dine in large friendly circles, sitting close to each other and actively socializing. All of the dishes are made to share. Typical dining places are called izakayas.
The Kamchatka roll is made with King crab and avocado. The special cutting of the avocado requires some serious knifework from our skilled cooks.
Grilled Japanese mushrooms is an outstanding vegan dish that works great combined with sushi rice on the side. The flavor and texture of the dish are truly unique and unusual.
Our mochis are homemade by a specially trained cook. We offer different tastes, such as lemon, matcha, coffee, orange and raspberry.
THE CATCH is famous for the sushi: nigiri, rolled, gunkan and poke. In the picture: Philly rolled sushi and a set of nigiri sushi.
We make ramen from scratch every morning, starting at 6:30 am. The thick chicken bone broth takes 6 hours to prepare. We use homemade noodles made especially for THE CATCH.
We serve a classic chicken ramen with grilled eco-chicken, marinated egg, bamboo, nori and homemade ramen noodles. Chili oil on the side for an extra spicy taste.
We cook our foods over hot charcoal on a classic Japanese robatayaki grill. It was invented by fishermen from Hokkaido who wanted to figure out a way to cook fish on boats. The grill became traditional and now robata restaurants are popular all around Japan.
For our foods we use the finest Scottish salmon marked with quality sign Label Rouge.
We serve sashimi from Atlantic bluefin tuna (maguro) and fatty tuna (toro), Japanese yellowtail (hamachi), Scottish wild scallops.
We are famous for the quality of our fish. THE CATCH holds a seafood importers’ license, which allows the restaurant to serve the finest fish directly from the fish market. We are the first restaurant in the Baltics to import Atlantic bluefin tuna on a regular basis.
Toro or fatty tuna is the most valuable part of Atlantic bluefin tuna. It has a rich and creamy texture and a subtle taste. It is a prize delicacy for gourmands all around the world and a dish that we take pride in serving.
We believe that a great roll is the one where there is a certain balance of the rice and the filling. You can see ours in the picture.